Adam Maidment

Digital Consultant

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I'm Adam Maidment, a digital consultant & craftsman.

I help individuals, small businesses and start-ups create an honest, emotive online presence that connects with their target audience through strategy, communication and innovative technology.


Who I work with

Creative Individuals

Inspired, creative individuals who are passionate about their work.



People with the desire and determination to realise their ideas.


Start-ups and SMEs

Energetic, fast moving and dynamic start-ups and small businesses.


Brands and agencies I've worked with

Throughout my career working client-side, agency-side and as a freelancer, I have worked with some big, recognised brands*, helping to deliver top level digital products ranging from award winning global web apps to managing millions of subscribers and complex email marketing for large hotel brands. More recently, I have helped deliver a multi-language global website to the UK's fastest growing tech company.

Now I want to bring this expertise and experience to the entrepreneur, the creative individual and the start-up business and help them achieve success in their own market space.


What I can do for you

As a Digital Consultant and Craftsman I offer a range of services all aimed at helping you with your online presence. Some of the key areas I often help clients with include; website design and development, email marketing, content management systems, data management & analysis, internal digital procedure and online marketing.


Get you online

New business ventures need an online presence; not just if you are selling products. Your website is your calling card, your voice and your key marketing tool.

I can work with you to design and build your new website from the ground up. We can add a Content Management System that will work for you and I will provide you advice on content, structure and layout to attract the customers within your market.

We can also make sure your site works on mobile and tablet and makes use of core SEO techniques to help your site appear in Google search results.


Get you heard

Email marketing still yields the greatest results, even over social media activity - though the latter is not to be discounted.

I can help you deliver email marketing campaigns which will build your client list and retain existing subscribers. I can help you convert sign-ups into customers via detailed data capture and targeted marketing campaigns.

I can help you build a blog for you to voice your expertise. This provides value, raises your profile and turns you into an authority within your market.

I can help you build social media strategies for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and advise you on content plans and campaigns.


Build your data

The importance of data within a business cannot be overstated. Without it you cannot tell who your customers are, who to target, how to improve campaigns, how to track your successes online and so much more.

I can help you manage your email data, advise you on how best to grow your marketing lists, understand your campaign statistics and make improvements to increase results.

Make you money

Well, that's why we do any of this right? To increase sales and build a better business?

Simply put, as a Digital Consultant I can guide you through the processes and pitfalls involved with setting up, running and maintaining digital projects. I can undertake as much or as little of the actual production work as you like and can provide consultation on the various facets of digital marketing. All of this will help put you in a strong digital position, grow your sales and elevate your online authority.


Want to start the journey into the known?

I'd love to work with you and join you on your 'digital journey', so if you fancy discussing your ideas with me just pop your details onto the form and I will get back to you. I'm happy to come and meet you at your place of work, or we can discuss your plans over a coffee or beer.

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